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Healing individual coaching

restorative couples coaching:

Coming soon January 2022:

Transformational group Coaching:

90 Day no contact and breaking soul ties

If you handle toxic people the same way and end up in one crisis after another; make a different choice. If your relationship is a dysfunctional cycle of make-ups and break-ups; make a different choice. If you find yourself moving from one unfulfilling job to another; make a different choice. If you find yourself a slave to dysfunctional family dynamics and other societal pressure; make a different choice. now is the time to break toxic trauma bonds and begin the healing process.


Join me for my 12 week transformational group coaching starting in January 2022!

90 Days of Healing: No Contact & Breaking Soul Ties. Don’t miss out, let 2022 be the year you start a new chapter. Click the link to schedule a 15 minute discovery call to see which type of transformative coaching is right for you.

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