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Finding Your Joy!

We go through things in life that can rob us of our joy. An unexpected financial crisis, a life threatening illness, or the passing of a loved one. Life has a natural ebb and flow to it, and we all experience unavoidable circumstances. Last week, I visited a classroom where students were engaged in a philosophical debate about the difference between happiness and joy. I was excited to see young people wrestle with society's definition of happiness; how it can collide with, and sometimes hinder, a person's joy. In a lot of ways seeking happiness is a fool’s errand. Running from one feel good experience to the next, and every time the high wears off we look for another “thing”. Another job, another relationship, another car, or some other material item. However, finding your joy will take you on a journey that ultimately gives you peace and lasting contentment.

How do you find your joy? Find your passion. I remember a time, not too long ago, when my life was void of joy. I had a lot of happy moments like traveling with friends, going out dancing with my ex, and having enough money to live a life far beyond my expectations. But along with those happy moments came a deep sadness. A feeling that I wasn’t living an authentic life, a life with meaning and purpose. I felt I didn’t want to do more, have more, or own more...I wanted to be more, live more, and love more. I started recording videos for my YouTube channel again. I love helping others going through difficulties in life, and watching my clients transform their lives is priceless. I began taking classes and workshops, and meeting some of the most interesting people in these places. I started spending more meaningful time with my children. Pizza and movie nights with my kids are sacred. We spend the evening eating, laughing and dancing. I had to make some tough choices about what’s important to me, but I have no regrets.

For every relationship that ended something more meaningful showed up in its place. Making the decision to find my joy has been my greatest adventure, and it’s far from over. I look forward to taking my children to Alaska to go whale watching and visit the Husky Homestead (my daughter is in love with Huskies). I look forward to learning French and taking a trip to Paris during the spring. I’m excited to grow my business coaching clients, doing bodywork, and helping people access wellness. I look forward to finding my life partner; a man who will love, honor, and respect me as we work together in the service of others. You don’t need to lose 20 pounds, make more money, or be in a “happy” place; just make the decision to find your joy. When it’s time to make a choice ask yourself: is this helping me to access or maintain my joy? This simple practice will help you make decisions that are aligned to your passions and purpose. The beauty about finding your joy is that there is no road map-- just living with the intention is enough. I encourage you to find your passion, and when you arrive your joy will be there waiting.

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This was right on time Ama!! I was thinking & praying earlier today about how I need to do things differently. God confirmed through you!! Thank you for this word!!

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