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Focus on the Journey...Not the Destination

I love road trips and I love planning them. Getting the food together, packing the first aid kit, and creating a road trip playlist fills me with excitement. What I love the most is heading out into the unknown, anticipating what lies ahead and enjoying the scenery. Exactly where I am going is always secondary, but what is most important to me is the journey not the destination.

I recently became aware of this understanding while traveling on my own healing journey. I am waist deep in a spiritual awakening process many refer to as the dark night of the soul, and it has been the most challenging process I have ever experienced. The dark night of the soul (DNOTS) is a period in your life where everything gets turned upside down and inside out. Out of nowhere your relationships fall apart, you develop an insatiable urge to purge your life, you desire/require deep isolation, and every subconscious wound you’ve tried to bury your entire life surfaces for you to deal with. However, once the process is over you are transformed and ready to live a more purposeful and meaningful life.

Through the pain and the tears I would find myself fantasizing about the day this process would end. I would daydream about the new life I would have; filled with love, laughter and amazing experiences. I realized that this was a distraction from what was actually going on, and while I was focused on the destination; I was missing all of the blessings of the journey. During this process I have met some interesting people. Many of these people entered my life to teach me something about myself...the good, the bad, and the ugly. Some of these people stayed a while, and others came and went. I decided to stop focusing on the destination and be grateful for the moment; every lesson, every painful memory, every realization, and every opportunity to shift my mindset.

This is where the healing began and life got good. I realized I can live a great life now; not waiting for my soulmate to show up first, not waiting for my business to be successful first, not waiting until my financial situation is where I want it to be first, not waiting to lose 10 pounds first, not waiting for washboard abs first, not waiting for myself to be healed of all of my childhood trauma first, not waiting until I become the person my creator has designed me to be first, and not waiting to be validated externally first. The gift of this process is to have me find peace and gratitude with "now".

If you are reading this I encourage you to enjoy time in the present. What can you be grateful for today? How can you lean into this present moment? Where can you create experiences that bring you joy now? Let’s not wait for the destination, but live to enjoy the journey. Remember I’m here to help. Click this

to schedule a free 15 minute discovery call and take the first step to creating a roadmap for the life you desire.


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